After numerous phone calls and many hours on the phone with CenturyLink, my email provider, I was informed that because of increased SPAM activity being generated by email communication I can no longer send out mass emails to the over 300+ collectors receiving my updates. Because of the SPAN threats, CenturyLink customers have been limited to 50 or less emails per hour. This procedure has also been incorporated by many other internet/Email providers to protect their customers. With my current 37 volumes comprising 19 emails plus 2 informational emails (21 emails) for my May 01, 2018 update you have an idea of my problem for future updates. I would be limited to only being able to send out my volumes to 2 collectors per hour. You have already received my May 1st 2018 Updates so this email concerns only future updates starting with informational updates after July 1st and the December 1st Update and beyond. I will be sending out an email to every collector receiving my volumes over the next 2-3 days to respond to.

Based on the above restrictions I am sending this email to the over 300+ collectors currently receiving my volumes to explain my problem and possibly slim down my mailing list. I have come to the conclusion that many of my 300+ collectors that are currently receiving my updated volumes do not really use them anymore as they did when lighthouses were a hot topic. To that end I will not be sending out future updated volumes and informational emails automatically like I did in the past unless I hear back from you that you are really interested in continuing to receive my updates. I will give you until July 1st to let me know that you still want to receive them. If I have not heard back from you by the July 1st date I will permanently remove you from my mailing list. This will give me the opportunity to see how many collectors actually still want to receive them and what collectors have been receiving them but are not really interested anymore. After I see how many collectors still want my updates I will decide how I will handle future updates.

Remember, I must hear back from you by July 1st saying you still want to receive my volume updates and informational emails or you will be permanently removed from my mailing list!