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These are the only rules I see. I agree with Laura, can't weasel out of this one Loon.

I'm not trying to weasel out of anything. I know the discussion happened. Must be from a prior thread. ( whistling weasel,weasel,weasel tongue)

If it makes you happy, here's a different "S" - Sea Girt, NJ .

This would be a good time to suggest a change to the rules to allow Life Saving Stations. Laura and Roland can decide.

Also, since this thread has gotten very large. I would like to suggest that duplicate lighthouses can be used after 3 or 4 rounds of the alphabet.

Lighthouse Weasel... oh... I meant Lighthouse Loon

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Harry Wishlist: Tinicum Rear Range, Miah Maull Shoal, Finns Point, Bergen Point, Cross Ledge, Old Ambrose Lightstation, Romer Shoal, Barnegat Lightship, Liberty Lightship.