Hello everyone,

HL Limited Edition Lighthouses for Sale

I am still in the painful process of trying to sell my large collection of over 750 lighthouses. I have managed to sell close to 450 lighthouses but still have roughly 300 left to sell so my wife and I can downsize enough to move to a smaller house. The lighthouses I am particularly interested in selling are HL 101 through HL 175 since I have multiples of each HL number based on the color variation of each piece and where it was made (i.e, I have 5 HL 131 Minot’s Ledge and 5 HL 129 New London Ledge) as examples. I do not have an HL 102 Cape Hatteras or HL 111 Coquille River

If you are in the market for earlier pieces, the duplicates I have up to HL175 can be yours for $20.00 each plus shipping charges averaging $25.00 each depending on your location. The majority have original boxes and COAs. All pieces are in perfect condition but may not have the original box or COAs but suitable boxes and COAs will be provided. All sales will be final and payment will be made using a CREDIT UNION OR BANK ISSUED CASHIERS CHECK only. No personal checks or PayPal payments will be accepted.

If there are any other lighthouses that you want or need above HL 175, please ask and I will respond to you with prices (usually 50% of secondary market prices). Remember, there is no answer for a question that isn't asked so you will never know if an offer you make is not submitted if you don't ask.

Rich Felter (flacoastie)
3440 SE 28th Court
Ocala, FL 34471
(352) 208-4513