Greetings everyone,

You probably realize that about 4 years ago we were able to purchase the Collector Forums ( from John Chidester thanks to the generous support and assistance of many of our members. The funds we had on hand as well as other contributions have allowed us to pay the bills and keep the lights on since then. However, at this point those funds are nearly expended. Currently it takes about $550 per year to pay the annual domain name renewal and for our hosting service.

Bottom line is that it is time for us to ask for your assistance and support again.

There are approximately 18 years' worth of posts found within the Collector Forums and we believe that the information on the history of Harbour Lights is important to save to help new collectors as they find the site. As experienced and new collectors I am sure all of us have gone to the forums at one time or another to search for information to help us in our collecting. That is why I am taking this extraordinary measure to ask you for financial support at any level. Any money donated to saving the Forums will be used for the monthly and yearly operating costs. No one associated with the Forums receives any kind of payment for the work they do on behalf of collectors and lighthouse lovers visiting the Collector Forums.

If you would be willing to donate, please respond to this post as quickly as possible by sending me an email at . Please include your full name and the amount you are able to donate. I will send an email confirming receipt of your donation pledge only and provide you with Dave’s mailing address. Please send your actual donation in the form of a personal check or money order made out to Dave Hannum to the address I provide you. It must be received by February 15, 2020, to be entered into the drawing. Donations received after February 15th will not be valid for the drawing. Our Webmaster, Dave Hannum, currently maintains the Collector Forums checking account.

As a user, new or long term, it is our hope that you will consider a donation of $25.00 or $50.00 or more to offset the expense of providing this resource for all collectors to benefit from. Any amount will be appreciated. As an added incentive to help in funding the Forums, Harry Hine has donated a COUNTER SAMPLE (see attachment) of his latest creation Barbers Point, HI for an opportunity drawing. It will be signed by Harry along with Bill and Nancy Younger and shipped free of charge from Harry's studio in California to the winner. With your donation of $25.00 you will have one opportunity to win and a donation of $50.00 will give you 3 opportunities to win. Your ticket(s) for the drawing will be entered only after your donation is received by Dave. Please don't wait until the last minute to send your donation.

I am sure that the generous members of the Collector Forums and lighthouse collectors in general will find it in their hearts to provide our needed funding. We will continue to welcome all our visitors no matter their status. Please rest assured that all communications, names and donation amounts will remain confidential.