“My Complete Guide To Harbour Lights Lighthouses” has some new updated PDF Files dated 12/01/2018, but, still contain only 37 Volumes. Only these updated PDF Files will be sent in 2 emails labeled “1st Email and 2nd Email” and contain the 5 updated volumes. If you do not receive these 2 emails, all you have to do is let me know which email is missing and I will resend the missing email to you. Please clean out your mailbox as I will be sending these volumes to you during the period from December 1st thru December 5th depending on your name.

This update will affect “My Complete Guide to Harbour Lights Lighthouses” Volumes 1, 2, 2E, 2G and 2H so when you receive these updated volumes, which will be labeled 12/01/2018, delete the same volumes that you previously received that were labeled 05/01/2018 and replace them with these updated versions.

Last edited by flacoastie; 11/25/18 05:20 AM. Reason: Changed from 6 to 5 volumes