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#210703 - 09/04/17 07:57 PM TTOE- Top Ten on Ebayfor first week of september
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Since eBay is flooded with lighthouses and not those fancy lightbulbs called Fresnel lens. I decided to do another top ten.
This time I took the time to give my comments on the lights .

1. Harbour Lights Lighthouse Cedar Point Sandusky Ohio #357

35 bids
+$11.65 shipping

This one is definitely a sleeper. One of my favorites and I feel comfortable giving it a value of $300. Yes it did just went for over $500 last week, but remember there are 2500 of these made and I feel they will start coming out of the wood work. This bid was actually in July and the one for $567 was just last week. So it is still climbing. I would like to see another one go for Over $500 before I say that’s its value.

2. Harbour Lights HL820 Sentinel Island, Alaska w/ Box and COA, VERY RARE

11 bids
+$12.86 shipping
Sep-02 18:52

I have no problem with valuing this one from $200 to $300. Very rare and hard to find. Also a neat looking and unusual light. The only down for this one is that Alaska lights are not the most collectable. The person that would want this one would be a collector of them all, or actually visited the light. I guess a few would want it because it is a neat looking lighthouse.

3. Harbour Lights HL389 Key Largo (FL) Limited Edition Lighthouse 2010 - Excellent

14 bids
+$11.65 shipping
Aug-29 13:38

This is definitly undervalue. I would put it in the $350 to $500 range. But if you look closly at the light you can see why it was devalued. There is no box and it was damaged. So with that in consideration that $261.86 is appropriate.

4. Harbour Lights RARE 84/ 500 HL674 Bailey's Harbor (WI) Door Co Event 2004 Signed

3 bids
+$14.15 shipping
Sep-02 13:58

The Bailey’s Harbour . This light has been a surprise from the very beginging, Well known and a popular collectable. Usually running from $75 to $125. I would think this is a tad high except it being the special inhanced version of only 120 made and has not been on ebay for a while. I would put its top value at $150.

5. Harbour Lights HL397 Saddleback Ledge Lighthouse (ME) 2011 Limited Edition 397

6 bids
+$28.00 shipping
Aug-27 21:52

This one of the 550 lighthouses. That alone makes this light worth between $150 to $300. Very relistic looking lighthouse but it an’t a Florida Light. I have no problem with $172.16 . I think it will be a while before it hits $300

6. Harbour Lights HL102 Cape Hatteras (NC) Lighthouse 1991 #102R Signed - Excellent

13 bids
+$30.00 shipping

Definitely the going price. Still a popular collectable and everyone’s favorite. I have no problem with saying a Cape Hatteras’s value is $150 to $300 even though $150 has been the going rate for a long time.

7. Harbour Lights HL370 Carysfort Light. Fl. , Very Rare w COA and Box

12 bids
+$12.26 shipping

Going price, but I think it will keep going up. Every time this light is on eBay it keeps inching up. This is a visible light to the public, if it is a clear day and you use a telescope. It is 6 miles of the coast of Key Largo. The fact it is a Florida Light and has a production of 550, this light will only go up in value.

8. Harbour Lights HL363 Cape San Blas (FL) Limited Edition Lighthouse 2008 - Nice

10 bids
+$13.50 shipping

Probably the going price but just because it is a Florida Light with a low production of 1500 I would put its value at $150 to $300. Even though this is a Florida lighthouse with a very attractive skeleton lighthouse and a modest looking southern farmhouse style lighthouse keeper’s house. It is not an overly popular lighthouse. The reason is that most lighthouse lovers have not seen it in person. It is gated and still operated by coastguard (as far as I know) . The only way to see this light is to hike around the back by the gulf for miles and even then to get close you would have to go on no trespassing property and look through an 8 foot high fence. .

9. 2000 Harbour Lights Fresnel Lens 5th Order 631 Number 526 in Box w/ COA

a. $150.00
b. Buy It Now
c. +$9.95 shipping
d. Sep-01 19:50

Going Price is $150 to $200, but $150 the more gong rate. This is Harbour Lights first Fresnel lens and the only one that doesn’t light up.(Right?) Made 4,000 of these and for some reason it is still in demand.

10. Harbour Lights Lighthouse Navesink New Jersey Twin Lights with COA & Box

e. $112.50
f. Buy It Now
g. +$31.23 shipping

Going price is around $100. The original price was $245 with a production 6,548

I am keeping my promise that I would participate more on the Forum.

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#210704 - 09/04/17 08:05 PM Re: TTOE- Top Ten on Ebayfor first week of september [Re: DANIEL]
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Another nice report helping collectors new and old keep up to date on HL collecting.

#210705 - 09/05/17 05:05 PM Re: TTOE- Top Ten on Ebayfor first week of september [Re: DANIEL]
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Daniel - Keep it up as a lot of new collectors are not aware of these sales. It's also great that you have started the TTOE again because I really missed the reports that you used to do.

#210706 - 09/05/17 07:45 PM Re: TTOE- Top Ten on Ebayfor first week of september [Re: DANIEL]
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Daniel, I have to concur with most of your assessments of these lights. I would value them myself as follows...

1)Cedar Point $250-$300. Most serious collectors pooh-poohed this piece when it was first released because of the roller coaster. It's ironic that because of the roller coaster this piece is a favorite of many and is always among the most asked for by my customers.

2)Sentinel Island DITTO

3)Key Largo $400-$500 The piece on EBAY had a very noticable broken tree and also what appeared to be another chip in one of the other trees. No box or COA definitely affects the value quite a bit. I can only imagine how many more broken trees there were when the buyer received shipment of that one. A very fragile one to ship without the original packaging.

4) Bailey's Harbor DITTO

5)Saddleback Ledge $200-$250 May not be a Florida Light but it is a Maine light. Maine lights do have a bit of a following but I do agree that it may be a while before it hits $300

6)102r Cape Hatteras $150 for a Malaysian and $175 for a Canadian. Price has been holding, if not slightly dropping on this version. Seems to be a number of them out there right now which could explain the soft market.

7) Carysfort Reef $175-$225 I'm just a bit more bullish on this one.

8)Cape San Blas $250-$300 I disagree that this one isn't popular among collectors. I have had many inquiries for this one. It actually was one of the last lighthouses to finish its' production run (1500), which is probably a good reason why it's a notch below Crooked River or Alligator Reef. Still one to watch as I think it will continue to rise in value.

9) 5th Order lens $150 BECAUSE it doesn't light up, collectors like this one.

10)Navesink DITTO
Roland Babineau
The only true Harbour Lights dealer left in the world and the ONLY retailer in the world authorized to sell Harry Hine's lighthouse collectible line!

#210707 - 09/05/17 08:37 PM Re: TTOE- Top Ten on Ebayfor first week of september [Re: DANIEL]
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I am glad to hear the San Blas is doing well at your end . I agree it should be in the $250 to $300 but I haven't seen that on ebay. The Last four on Ebay when for $132, $147.50, $150 AP and a no sell for an Artist Proof at $225. My guts tell me it is worth more but just didn't see it yet on Ebay. I valued it at $150 to #300 because the ebay market right now puts it at $150 and $300 because I expect it to go to $300 since it is a Florida Light with a low production.

The last two Carysforts on EBay went for $134.99 and $152.50. But I expect this one to keep climbing in value.

Seeing a damaged Key Largo is not uncommon. I have seen two already beside the one on eBay. Someone paying $261 for a damaged Key Largo is a good sign that a MIB one will go for the Price range of $400 to $500 as you were saying.

With Christmas coming up I think we can plan on seeing these three go up in value.

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#210708 - 09/06/17 11:38 AM Re: TTOE- Top Ten on Ebayfor first week of september [Re: DANIEL]
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Thanks for the San Blas production catch. I adjusted the 550 to 1500.

#210743 - 09/21/17 01:22 PM Re: TTOE- Top Ten on Ebayfor first week of september [Re: DANIEL]
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Interesting to see such high value on some of these. I have a spare 5th order and a couple of spare sets of the Bailey's Harbor lights. May have to thing about parting with those...


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