I have had several collectors rejected from receiving my PDF File because there mailboxes are over quota. I have sent emails to them and one mailbox would not even receive my email telling them they are over quota. If you have not received my update please check your mailbox to see if it is full. I will not resend until I hear from you.

“My Complete Guide To Harbour Lights Lighthouses” has a new updated version dated 12/01/2016 and now contains 32 Volumes. These 32 PDF Volumes will be sent in 15 separate emails labeled “1st Email thru the 15th Email”. If you do not receive all 15 emails all you have to do is let me know which email is missing and I will resend the missing email to you. Please clean out your mailbox as I will be sending these volumes to you either Dec. 1st or Dec. 2nd (Thursday or Friday) so you will want to be sure you will have plenty of room to receive them. Also, be aware that the Harbour Lights Collector Forums is on the air at so PLEASE take the time to visit us.

This update expands the previous 30 volume edition of “My Complete Guide to Harbour Lights Lighthouses” released 05/01/2016 to 32 volumes. Most volumes from the previous revision have been updated (look in Volume 1 for volumes that have been updated) with new pictures and information that I have received from collectors and readers. They have been incorporated into the Volume 2 Complete Product List and the corresponding 2A thru 2H Pictorial Volumes with Volume 2H Limited and One-of-a-Kind having the most items added thanks to Roland at Several new variances have also been included in the Variance Volumes 3, 4 and 5. Volume 12 has been updated to show Harry Hine’s new line of lighthouses including his 1st Christmas Edition featuring Rock Island, NY. Volume 13A and 13B Military Thoughts and Humor in Uniform and Volume 14B Military Stories have had several new items added. Volume 6A Secondary Market Values has been updated in trying to keep up with an ever changing secondary market. The BIG CHANGE has come with the addition of a new Volume 2I featuring the re-introduced Seahorse Locations along with Volume 2J which is a modified spread sheet version of EVERY lighthouse, ship, lens and balloon that were produced by Harbour Lights listed alphabetically. The 4 Volumes, 2I Pt. 1 thru 2I Pt. 4, have been re-numbered to 2K Pt. 1 thru 2k Pt. 4 and show pictures of the different models (Limited Edition, GLOW, LLOM, Special Edition, Event Edition, Thumbnail, Ornaments, etc.) that Harbour Lights produced of that particular lighthouse. As always, I am asking for any information and/or pictures that are missing and any ideas that you would like to see added in future updates. Please enjoy reading, and looking at, this new update.

All I ask is that you do not forward these files to anyone else since I like to know who is getting them. If someone wants the files all they have to do is email me with their request. You are getting the latest December 1st, 2016 Edition and will automatically be getting additional updates as they are published (May 1st, 2017 is the next scheduled update). You will periodically be getting emails requesting information, letting you know of upcoming special announcements and an occasional special sale price list by collectors liquidating their collections (you will deal with the collector directly as I get no commission from any sales).

You may also see the latest lighthouses in the Harry Hine collection by visiting and either viewing or placing your order for the Jones Point, VA and/or Race Rock, NY Lighthouses.

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