Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the 10 Volume “Mu Complete Guide To Harbour Lights Lighthouses” that I sent out Wednesday the 15th. I’m starting to work on my late fall/early winter 2014 edition and I need some help from collectors. I going to show pictures of all the variances now shown in Volume 3 but am having a problem getting the GRAY FELT pictures for HL107 thru and including HL131. I’m not 100 percent sure that all of these replicas actually came with GRAY FELT when first produced. Some very early production pieces came with GRAY FELT and were later changed to green felt I know for sure, but, did some of them actually start out with green felt and never had GRAY FELT at all? Please look through your collections and see if you have any of the GRAY FELT versions for HL107 thru and including HL131. If you do have a GRAY FELT version could you please send me a picture of the GRAY FELT and the serial number so I can add it to my Volume 3.

I also need a picture of HL111 Coquille River with a 3 panel door and white mullions (tower window dividers). If you have one of these rare Coquille River pieces please take the picture with the 3 panel door facing the camera with the door on the right hand side of the picture and I will also need the serial number. None of the information you send me will be linked to your name to protect your collection. Please take the few minutes to try and help me out and send me any pictures of what I need as soon as you can. My email is flacoastie@embarqmail.com.

Rich (flacoastie on the Forums