You're making me visit my slide collection scattered on the coffeetable behind me here in my office tonight, Terry... I just had to add a couple more shots of St Joe's and it seems appropriate to start a new thread at the same time.

This pair of photos was taken back around Labor Day. I normally shoot LONG after sunset and after everyone else with a camera has gone home for the night. These might be called "The Last Fisherman..." perhaps fitting for one of the new members Mike Hershberger, who is also an avid angler. Here ya go, Mike!

The fisherman is a bit tougher to see in this second horizontal image showing both of the lights lit...

These were shot on Fuji Velvia (Iso 50) with exposure times on the range of about 30-60 sec. I can pull the exact data from the camera downloads if anyone is interested. The lens, I suspect was my Nikkor 80-200 f2.8 AFS but I could check that too if anyone wants to know.

Let's see some of what you got from those outings, Terry!