HL806 Fastnet Rock Ireland Fresnel Lens

Posted By: DANIEL

HL806 Fastnet Rock Ireland Fresnel Lens - 12/19/19 03:58 AM

HL806 Fastnet Rock Ireland Fresnel Lens

I consider the Fastnet Rock, one of the rarest and most desirable Figurine that Harbour Light produced. The last time on Ebay was over two years ago as a buy it now. Since it was done as a buy it now we are not able to judge its demand or values. With its highest production known (at least to me) is 442, this would point to be at least 500 produced. It has been stated by reliable sources that the 1200 production wasn’t made and probably followed the standard production of 550 for that time.

Collectors are not able to feasibly collect all the Harbour lights so they collect areas or types. Example: Many Collectors will pick to collect the Florida Lights making some of the 2010 and 2011 Florida lights very expensive like the HL395 Alligator Reef, FL going for as high as $1000 on EBay. Probably one of the most popular types for collecting is the Fresnel lens. It still amazes me how a HL665 Boston Harbor Fresnel 2nd Order Lens with a production of 5,500 can go on eBay for $250 or even more. The fact the Fresnel group is probably the most sought after group, makes the Fastnet, (the rarest of the Fresnel lens) the most sought after Harbour Lights putting its desirability up there with the Alligator Reef.

To give values to Harbour lights that do not show up on eBay I analyze the following info:

1. Compare prices of other Harbour lights lighthouses that I feel are similar in demand.
2. Eye appeal – Does the figurine set itself out as unusual and interesting. Does it make me feel “ I got to have it”
3. Fills a hole in a group area or a type collection Like the Fresnel Lens.
4. Hard to find and it doesn’t show up on eBay.
5. How hard it is for Roland or Rich to find through their connections.

Using this analyzing info on the HL806 Fastnet Rock Ireland Fresnel Lens I feel that it is a sleeper and I see no problem of it going for $1200
Yes I know it only when for $680 on Rolland’s Auction. Here are a few reasons that may have affected the bid.

1. The bidders didn’t realize what it is worth, so the Competition wasn’t there. There was no previous examples of its value. Where collectors should have been bidding as it is their last chance for a long time, ( maybe another two years), they gave up and decided to wait for the next chance.
2. Harbour Light collecting is slow right now. The forums are slow. No new lighthouses to keep the collecting excitement alive except for a Harry Hines Figurine which are far and few.
3. This may not have been the best time for an auction for such an expensive item. Many are already have spread their budget thin with Christmas just around the corner.
4. I felt the Auction should have stopped for the week end and started back up Monday. People think differently on week-ends and get side tracked easily. I have lost many of a weekend action because I just forgot about it. And may be rare but there are still some people that will not buy or sell on the Sabbath or Sunday.

But even still $680 is nothing to sneeze at. That is almost 6 times its retail and the seller should be well pleased with the outcome. When it comes to auctions you never know what the outcome will be.
In my humble opinion I think if Rolland ever gets his hands on another HL806 he should just put a price tag of $1200 on it and just sit back for the big hit.
Posted By: The Cape Cod

Re: HL806 Fastnet Rock Ireland Fresnel Lens - 12/19/19 02:01 PM

Very interesting but I have to disagree on a couple of points. I don't think that the weekend has any impact, whatsoever, on the auction. Where one has to remember to access EBAY in order to see the auction, mine are done by email so every day everyone gets an update delivered directly to his/her inbox. I get reports on how many people open my newsletters and other special mailings (such as this auction), and regularly there are more opens on weekends than during the regular work week. As such, anyone even remotely interested in this auction is eagerly anticipating my daily updates and open it as soon as it is sent,
Also, I respect your opinion very much on where you feel the price of this one is, but I have to disagree with that. Though $680 is a bit on the low side, (and yes, the Christmas season definitely had an impact on that), I would personally place this piece somewhere in the $800-$1,000 range. I personally have a problem with pricing items that I feel are beyond the marketable price. Lighthouse collecting is at an all-time low right now, and for the most part, collectors just aren't willing to spend those huge amounts for pieces any longer. Many of the collectors who have been looking for this lens contacted me and said that the price was too rich for their blood, no matter what time of year, when I opened the bidding up at $500. Because we hadn't seen one of these available for years, I had no idea where the market would be for this one. This auction gave me a sense of where collectors are and what they are willing to pay for this piece.
Posted By: flacoastie

Re: HL806 Fastnet Rock Ireland Fresnel Lens - 12/20/19 02:17 PM

I have a tendency to go along with Daniel's reasoning on when to list it but liked Roland's auction criteria. The fact that it did not sell for more is probably the fact that there was no history on previous sales for this piece. We can always play the Monday Morning Quarterback when trying to think what happened or how to improve it for future auctions.
Posted By: DANIEL

Re: HL806 Fastnet Rock Ireland Fresnel Lens - 11/21/20 01:59 PM

On eBay yesterday the Harbour Lights Fresnel Lens HL 806 FASTNET ROCK LENS IRELAND HL 806
went for $1100.
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