Harbour Lights found in garage

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Harbour Lights found in garage - 03/15/16 04:05 AM


I hope I am doing this correctly. I recently found a bunch of Harbour Lights lighthouses and a couple other items in an old house.

There are no boxes but there is small box full of tags. Some signed and all in good shape except Statue of Liberty which has a little damage. Can anyone tell me about them as I would like to sell them.

Here's the list by number and/or name;

#107 Umpqua River (signed)
#120 Grosse Point
#153 Round Island
#161 Highland (Cape Cod) Light
#177 Alcatraz
#179 Toledo Harbor
#195 Jeffrey's Hook
#198 Hook Head

#208 Chicago Harbor
#215 Cape Elizabeth
#227 Cape Agulhas
#235 La Coruna
#237 South Bass Island
#243 Cape Henlopen

#407 Holland Harbor

#501 Point Fermin
#505 Amelia Island
#506 Point Sanilac
#508 Cockspur Island
#509 Sea Girt
#519 Pt. Fermin
#521 Seven Foot Knoll
#524 Baltimore
#531 Boca Grande
#533 Cold Spring Harbor
#537 Hatteras Beacon
#538 Roanoke River
#541 Fort Point
#542 East Brother
#544 Cuckolds

#616 Rose Island
#627 Liberty (damage on the arm)
#636 Eddystone (10 yr Anniversary)

#708 East Quoddy (Christmas)
#710 Hereford Inlet (Christmas)
#712 Michigan City (Christmas)


Beckoning Beacons HL630
Kilauea Point Special Event Exclusive (signed)
Old Mackinac
Sunken Rock Special Event Exclusive 1996


Heceta Head (signed)
sotheast Block Island


Boca Grande
Cooney Island
Sea Girt
Seven Foot Knoll


Sunken Rook


Admiralty Head
Sandy Hook
West Quoddy


Old Point Loma Lighthouse" - The Gadbury Mint
Sapelo Island - George Lefton

Macquarie NSW, Australia 1997

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Re: Harbour Lights found in garage - 03/15/16 02:22 PM

I moved from the Trading Post Forum to the Secondary Market Forum so answers can be posted for questions asked.
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Re: Harbour Lights found in garage - 03/15/16 02:30 PM

What you have here is a small collection of general run of the mill Harbour Lights that have no real secondary market value. You can expect to get 25% maximum of retail value UNLESS someone needs one of these piece to complete their collection. Another reason for the low resale value is there are no boxes. I suggest checking EBay for what these pieces are SELLING for and not what the ASKING PRICE is and than posting on the Trading Post Forum or selling on EBay. Remember, no replies are allowed on the Trading Post Forum and that is where you must post so be sure to leave either a contact phone number or your email address. It is also a good idea to list your asking price.
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Re: Harbour Lights found in garage - 03/21/16 07:04 AM

Thanks Rich for all the information and moving this to the correct location. So if I might ask a couple questions?

My best bet is to see what they sold for without box on ebay, then list that here at a discount?

Is there any extra value in the signed pieces?

And, if I understand this correctly, I should add them to Trading Post with an image, information and the asking price and my email as no one can reply on Trading Post. They can email me if interested?

One more, would it be better to just put them all together and make a super deal on them in bulk?

Thanks for any information,
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Re: Harbour Lights found in garage - 03/21/16 03:23 PM

Ted - Seeing what they SOLD for on EBay is a place to start but generally speaking the pieces you have listed are only worth 20% to 25% of retail without the boxes and paperwork and in some cases even less. If you need retail prices go to the 4th Down from the top Forum entitled and click to open this Forum. The top subject in this Forum is one entitled New Page on and click to open. Go to the last post and you will see a link to the retail prices. Click to open and than look up each lighthouse by HL number.

I would suggest that you list them in the TRADING POST Forum at 20% of retail and see how you do. You can only post ONCE A MONTH on the Trading Post Forum so do not think you can change prices during this month period.

The list you have above is fine, except add a serial number and price for each piece. NO IMAGES ALLOWED on the Trading Post Forum and signed pieces may add a few dollars value but not usually. The chances of selling them all in a super package is slim to none so you can mention this but I think separately is the way you will sell some.

Make sure you mention individual shipping charges and that you will combine purchases for a shipping discount. Also make sure you give your email address and phone number (Optional). You CANNOT list any other lighthouse except for Harbour Lights so DO NOT list the other brands in your original post.
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